• Upgrades and Finishing Touches for Timber Decking

    Planning your timber decking likely focused on the basic plans for the deck. You likely wanted to make sure the deck fit your basic needs, including placement and whether you wanted the deck covered for year-round use. Now that you are using your deck, you may start to noticing that it looks a little plain. With that in mind, here are some upgrades and finishing touches for you to consider.
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  • How to Avoid Strange Sensations When You Install a New Floor

    If you have a particularly fertile imagination and plan to build a brand-new home, some of your ideas may be somewhat "out there." There's nothing wrong with this, necessarily, and it's the reason why you work with an architect and designer anyway, so that they can temper your enthusiasm. For example, you may have lofty goals in mind when it comes to the layout of your great room or family space, and while they may comply with regulations in general, they could create issues in practical terms.
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  • 3 Vibrant And Beautiful Flooring Trends To Consider In Your Kitchen

    For many years, minimalism and monochrome have dominated kitchen design. This pared back and neutral look also extended to kitchen floors, with white and pale grey tones featuring heavily on modern kitchen floors around the country. If you're not a fan of this neutral style and you prefer some colour and pattern in your home, then recent trends towards more decorative flooring should give you cause to rejoice. Here are three stunning, vibrant and fun flooring styles that are making a big splash in kitchen design this year.
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