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3 High-Performance Flooring Options Available Online

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The floor area is most likely one of the busiest parts of your home since it is used every time there are people or pets indoors. Therefore, it is vital to install high-quality flooring in all the rooms so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you won’t have to regularly re-floor your home. Here are some worthwhile online flooring options that you can now easily find and order. Hardwood flooring When it comes to offering variety, there’s perhaps nothing else that can beat hardwood flooring because of the extensive species of wood, both new and reclaimed, available for flooring purposes. Hardwood material has the capability to create a rustic look and feel in virtually every home with its capricious parquetry, jointing possibilities and exquisite finishes, which include lacquered, surface varnished, unfinished, hand scraped and oiled wood flooring to provide you with a broader selection. However, you should bear in mind that the quality of hardwood is not the same; therefore, price will come in as a major factor determining the type of hardwood flooring that you install. Ceramic tile flooring Well-installed, premium quality ceramic tiles can give you floors that will outlast and perform better than virtually any other flooring type. Premium quality glazed or porcelain ceramic tiles can be cleaned easily and are coloured and fired at extremely high temperatures in kilns to resist water, fading, stains and abrasion and will not burn, warp, cut, crack or rot. Many ceramic tiles are eco-friendly products since they are made using natural materials, such as clay, which don’t retain odours or release toxic fumes. However, it is essential to note that ceramic tiles, especially the luxury varieties, can be rather costly to install. Plus, you may need to complement the functional appeal of ceramic tile floors with other flooring types such as carpets since they can be quite cold underfoot. Vinyl flooring If you have kids, keep pets in your home or both, you should consider installing vinyl floors. These floors are not only durable but have soft texture to walk on, an important safety feature for both kids and pets. Just like ceramic tiles, vinyl floors are waterproof and don’t stain or fade. These features make them best for bathrooms and kitchen areas where waxing is often required to keep the floors in good condition. What’s more, vinyl flooring comes in several different colours and designs including sheets, tiles and planks so that you’ve got plenty of room for...

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Hardwood Timber Flooring Is the Superior Option for Your Home

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If you’re considering installing new flooring in your living areas then you’re probably aware that there are multitudes of options available to choose from. Everything from tiles and bamboo to epoxy coated concrete are all popular modern flooring choices. However, if you’re looking for a beautiful, hardy, and timeless floor then you really can’t go wrong with classic hardwood floorboards. They provide warmth to a home Hardwood floors provide a home with warmth both literally and visually. Wooden floors are much warmer under foot than other flooring options, especially tiles and concrete. They also provide visual warmth with their natural tones and textures. They enhance the acoustics of a home Because wood absorbs sound waves through its dense structure it will help your home to feel quieter and cosier. Other flooring options which are harder and less permeable will bounce sound back around the room. This can leave your living feel with a hollow sounding resonance, even when it is full of furniture. They’re a classic design element for a home Whether you’ve opted for a rustic country look or a super modern decor, timber floors will suit it perfectly. Other styles of modern flooring, especially minimalist tiling and edgy concrete will really only suit a modern look. This chameleon-like ability to blend in with the chosen decor will also mean that it appeals to a wider range of buyers if you decide to sell your home. They provide you with flexibility in design Because hardwood floors can be sanded and revarnished as many times as you like it means that you can play around with the mood in your room without having to replace the entire floor. A lighter or darker shade of varnish can totally transform the look and feel of a room. You can also experiment with other types of finish such as oils, waxes, and stains. They’re hardy and long lasting Unlike other more brittle types of flooring, hardwood timber floors can take a beating. Any damage caused by dropped items or heavy traffic can be easily removed by re-sanding the damaged area. They will also last for the lifetime of the house and beyond, and because of their flexibility won’t need replacing as fashions change like tiling or concrete. Hardwood timber flooring will provide your home with a beautiful and classic feature. It’s also a sound financial investment which will make your home a more attractive option if you decide to sell it in the future. Visit resources like http://www.woodlandstimberfloors.com.au to learn more about your wooden floorboard...

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Wood Floor Sanding Q&A

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If you’re involved in a DIY project, or you’re hiring a professional to refinish a wood floor, the floor must first be sanded in preparation to lay down a new finish. But if you don’t know much about the sanding process, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions that will provide you all the information you need to forge ahead. What  Machines Do You Needed? In order for effective sanding, several machines are needed, including a floor sander, an edging sander and a floor buffer. A floor sander is the main machine that removes the top surface of the wood floor. It has a circular bonnet at the end of a long handle that moves over your floor as it spins, sanding down the floor. An edging sander is a hand-held device that is used to reach corners and small areas that aren’t reachable with a floor sander. Edging sanders often require you to bend down and get on your knees in order to sand those hard to reach spots. The floor buffer completes the sanding process, and is used to polish and remove any remaining blemishes on the floor. How Many Times Do You Have to Sand? Floor sanding isn’t effective if you only make one pass and think you’re finished, because old wood floors tend to accumulate a great deal of dirt, imperfections and rough spots that need several passes before they are sanded down to the level necessary to apply a new finish. The order in which you sand is very important, so you should always begin the process with the floor sander, passing it over your entire floor two or three times, then using the edging sander several times and completing the process with the buffer. What Are Grit Levels & Why Are They Important? Grit levels refers to the abrasive quality of the sandpaper that you will use with a floor sander and an edging sander. Grit levels in Australia follow the FEPA grit size chart. The most important thing to remember about the grit size is that the higher the number, the less abrasive the sandpaper, and the lower the number, the more abrasive the sandpaper. So a P12 grit would be very coarse, and would sand your wood floor very quickly, but it could also take off too much of the wood, making it difficult to apply a finish. Always consult with a wood expert like Floor Craft to determine the grit level needed for the kind of wood floor you...

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