Upgrades and Finishing Touches for Timber Decking

Posted on: 28 December 2018

Planning your timber decking likely focused on the basic plans for the deck. You likely wanted to make sure the deck fit your basic needs, including placement and whether you wanted the deck covered for year-round use. Now that you are using your deck, you may start to noticing that it looks a little plain. With that in mind, here are some upgrades and finishing touches for you to consider.

Lighted Walkways

One of the easiest upgrades to your decking can add safety as well as curb appeal. You can have LED lights placed on the stairs and walkways to help give a soft guiding light at night or during storms. This can make the walkway safer, especially for elderly individuals and children or visitors who don't know their way around the deck. You can also add these LED lights to the top of the deck poles and corners in the form of post lights. Post lights come in various designs, including copper and steel options.

Built-In Storage

One of the leading issues that people have with their decking is the lack of storage. An upgrade that many homeowners turn to is having built-in storage added. One of the most common ways to do this is to convert seating into storage. The seating can still be used in the form of benches, while the bench itself opens for storage. The storage can hold cushions, outdoor items and other items that you may use often on your deck but have no room to store in the home. You can also have built-in storage placed in the form of closets to hold larger items and even outdoor jackets and rain boots.

Deck Skirting

If you are considering finishing touches that tie your entire timber decking project together, then one to consider is deck skirting. The skirting helps to close in the bottom of the deck to give a total finished look and to keep out pests or stray animals. You can have a small door added to the skirting to allow you to enter the area for repairs, storage or other needs. The skirting can match the deck, or you can have it match the brick foundation of your home.

Each of these upgrades and finishing touches for your timber decking can be added by your deck contractor. In fact, some of these upgrades can be done in an afternoon or day to help get your deck to the final finished product you are looking for. Contact your contractor today if you are interested in any of these upgrades.