Maintaining Your Timber Hardwood Flooring: All There Is To Know

Posted on: 11 October 2022

Are you building or renovating your house and wondering what floor material to use? Consider timber flooring. Timber flooring has continually been one of the most sought-after flooring solutions for many reasons. Timber floors are durable, especially if you go for timber hardwood flooring. The flooring is also easy to install and has a beautiful natural look that can transform your home's interior décor.

Like all flooring solutions, maintenance is crucial for the longevity, appearance, and performance of your timber hardwood floors. And here is your ultimate guide to maintaining and getting the most out of them.

Keeping Debris Off Your Floor

Sweeping is the best way to keep debris and dust off your timber hardwood floors. Dust and debris can easily create scratches on the floor. Therefore, it's important that you sweep daily if possible. As you sweep the floor, be careful to only use a broom with soft bristles to prevent scratches and scuffs. You can also vacuum the floor. However, be sure to use only the recommended attachments for a timber floor to avoid scuffing or scratching it.

Cleaning The Floor

Cleaning your wooden hardwood floor is one of the most standard ways to care for it. Therefore, it will be best if you mopped it after every few days. Like sweeping, you must be careful when cleaning your timber hardwood floors. First, timber is susceptible to excessive moisture. Therefore, clean spills immediately. Generally, the top layers of your floor's finishes will prevent the spills from soaking into the wood. However, you must act quickly because the spills may eventually find their way through the wood if left to sit for a considerable amount of time, damaging the wood over time.

Additionally, remember to clean the floor with a slightly damp mop. Flat-headed spray mops may be best because they soak up the cleaning solution quickly, ensuring no moisture soaks into your floor. It will also be best to avoid steam cleaning. Despite its effectiveness in cleaning, the steam may find its way through the wood through small spaces, damaging your floor over time.

It's also critical to choose your cleaning products carefully. Use pH-neutral products and avoid abrasive cleaners, bleaches, and harsh detergents as much as possible because they can stain and damage the floor.

Protecting The Floor From Damage

You also need to protect your timber hardwood floors from scratches and dents. Achieving this could be as simple as removing outdoor footwear before walking on the floor. You can also consider using floor protectors on heavy items like your furniture to prevent scratches when moving them.

Fo more information about caring for timber hardwood flooring, contact a local supplier.