Three Unique Carpet Designs for Your Living Room Renovation

Posted on: 31 August 2015

When you start renovating your living room, one of the first things you may consider is to remove the carpet and replace it with a more interesting flooring. Before you decide to toss the carpet out the door for a different flooring option, consider some of the unique carpet designs that are on the market. Here are a few that may fit into your living room renovation designs and give a unique talking point for your guests.

Photorealistic Nature Designs

 Walking into your living room and seeing a stone walkway may seem like a great idea, until you think about the up-keep. The truth is you can have the design idea and avoid all the up-keep by using photorealistic nature designs. These carpet designs look like wood, stone, or anything in nature while giving you the comfort and benefits of regular carpeting. If you want to bring that touch of nature in the home without having construction costs for flooring and timber experts, then this may be the ideal choice.

Build Your Own Carpet

There are an increasing number of carpet companies and designers that are offering options you can build yourself. This means you can pick and choose the colour, shape, and design by simply using piece-together options. These options can create something as simple as a checkered design to something as elaborate as a multicolour art deco look. You can choose the colours that fit your living room renovation and decide to fill the room with the carpet or only fill a small space and add to it later.

Circular Carpeting

You may be thinking about a full room of carpet, but some living room renovations use throw rugs to build character. This may bring to mind the idea of a large square or rectangular throw rug. However, some of the trending designs are actually circular. These circular designs may be simple solid colours or may have intricate patterns that draw the eye to the centre of the carpeting and away from smaller spaces or from areas of the room you simply want to distract guests from.

These are just a few of the unique carpet designs and ideas you can bring to your living room renovation. For more ideas, pricing, and options that may feet your décor ideas, you should consult a local carpet retailer, like Oslands Independants Carpets. They can help work out a design that will fit your needs and your home.