Factors That Affect the Cost of Carpet Installation

Posted on: 22 April 2021

There's nothing like carpet to create a soft and cosy atmosphere in a room, especially as winter approaches and a chill permeates the air. Carpet suits not only areas like bedrooms but also high traffic spaces. Simply choose a hard-wearing option. If you're wondering what affects the cost of carpet installation, consider the following pointers.

Carpet Material

The material you choose will affect the cost. Polypropylene is an economical option, perfect if you want to save money. It's highly durable and can survive constant foot traffic. Nylon is very tough and can weather a sustained onslaught from children and pets. A more expensive possibility is wool, providing softness with resistance to staining. Sometimes materials are blended to maximise their attributes. For example, a wool/nylon blend offers the luxury of wool plus the hardiness of nylon. Of course, if you choose wool rather than polypropylene for your installation, the overall costs will be higher.

Carpeting Area Size

Carpet installers will typically come to your home and give a free measure and quote for the job. They usually charge by the square metre. So if you're carpeting several large rooms or an open plan living space, you'll pay more than for one or two smaller bedrooms, for example. The installation costs can vary also depending on the carpet material — wool requires extra care, for example. Additionally, you'll need to factor in the underlay, the material cost and the installation.

Stairs and Tricky Spaces

You may be charged per square metre for plain, square rooms, but tricky areas can be charged differently. For example, covering stairs is extra fiddly, requiring additional trimming. Plus, stairs are more challenging to work on than an even floor. Your home may have other unusually shaped spaces that are awkward to work in, and these too may have a higher cost than standard rooms.

Other Factors

You also need to check out what's included with the quote. For instance, does it include the installers moving the furniture, or will that add to the cost? Or do they expect a clear room? Also, does the stated price involve removing the old carpet? Make sure to check for other factors that may affect the overall cost so that you don't get any surprises.

Thus, several things affect the overall cost of carpet installation. The carpet material is crucial, as is the size of the area that needs new flooring. Is the carpet going on flat areas that are easy to access and work on? Or are some spaces trickier to access? Additionally, moving the furniture and taking away the old carpet may affect the quote.