Porcelain Tiles: Cleaning Don'ts

Posted on: 25 January 2016

Out of the wide range of flooring materials you can choose for your house, porcelain tiles could just be your best. This flooring material is incredibly durable and is among the easiest to clean. Since it has impenetrable glazes, its surface is resistant to dirt, debris, water, oil, chemicals, and even bacteria and germs. With these features, porcelain gives you an edge in maintenance, especially because of the easy cleaning. However, to ensure that your porcelain tiled floor lasts that long while maintaining its elegant look, you need to avoid the following:

Cleaning With Acid or Products That Contain Ammonia or Bleach

Ammonia and acid-based cleaners can modify the stability and colour of the grout. This means that the colour of your flooring will be affected. In severe cases, the pigment in the colour can affix itself to the surface of your tile, making it even more difficult to clean.

To take care of such, you can go for pH neutral cleaners that will not harm your grout or the surrounding surfaces. Alternatively, if you still choose to go the acid cleaners route, ensure that you have enough rinse buckets (about 3 or so) with clean water before picking up the scrubbed solution. As you pick up the solution or liquid, rinse the surface immediately. This water can help reduce the effect of the acids. However, continued use of such cleaners can affect your tiles slowly, and so to save these tiles, it would be prudent if you avoided them.

Using Wax or Oil-Based Detergents and Cleaners

Using oily products is likely to create an oily layer over your tiles. You wouldn't want that. Therefore, you can instead use ordinary cleaning products diluted with warm water. Alternatively, since your porcelain tiles are stain and water resistant, using warm water only can keep them looking neat while eliminating the need for cleaners or chemicals.

Using Steel Wool

Steel wool can lodge small particles of steel into your tile and grout, and this can create rust stains. In addition, the steel wool can scratch your tiles.

Using Hard Scrub Bristles of Brushes

Using such brushes can scratch the surface of your tiles. If there is some loose dirt on your tile, consider using a soft bristle broom, soft cotton (or microfiber) cloth, or simply just vacuum it off your floor. Doing this will help you maintain the shine and beauty of your porcelain tiles.

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