Do You Have A Ceramic Tile Cutting Project In Your Home? 5 Essential Must-Have Tools

Posted on: 11 April 2016

DIY projects are always a great way to be involved in your own home improvement or repair. For this reason, if you have some ceramic tile work in your home, you may find the need to cut through some of the ceramic tiles perhaps to handle the repairs that you intend to or to fit the design that you'd like. The success of your project will depend on certain things. Among the major factors is the choice of tools that you use for the project. Having all the right tools at hand will ensure that you finish your project in time and that you do it perfectly. For this reason, here are cutting tools you shouldn't miss when handling ceramic tile work in your home.

Wet Saw 

Since you will be cutting some of your ceramic tiles, it follows that you will need a saw. However, not just any saw will do the trick because you will be working indoors and you want to limit the amount of dust produced in the process. For this reason, a wet saw will come in very handy.

Tile Nippers

These handy tools can help you create the perfect shape that you want on your ceramic tiles. Tile nippers are very essential because they break off small bits of the tile, which is useful when working around irregular or circular surfaces, such at the base of your toilet seat.

Hole Cutters

As suggested by the name, hole cutters are tools that you will need for making holes in your ceramic tiles. These tools, which come in different sizes will enable you make holes of any diameter in your tile. Hole cutters won't work alone; you need a hammer drill as well that will facilitate the making of the holes.

Snap Cutters

Before scoring any piece of tile at the required spot, you will need something to hold the tile in place so that the cut is as accurate as possible. This is where a snap cutter comes in handy. It will not only hold the piece of tile in place, but also snap it at the correct mark.

Glass Cutters

Glass cutters will help you make a perfect straight cut in your ceramic tile. This tool allows you to score along the point that you want to make the cut. After this, all you will have to do is lay the tile on a raised edge such as a table or benchtop and snap it along the cut.